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Scott Stabler resides in Mentor, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie with his wife and two daughters. A bricklayer by trade he aspires for the opportunity to one day use the artistic talent the Lord has given him on a full time basis.

As an avid fan of most anything ‘Tolkienesque’ in nature he began a series of oil paintings focusing upon a medieval\spiritual warfare motif which rather quickly blossomed into something far more comprehensive than anything he had previously envisioned. It soon took on a life of its own and before long he, more often than not, found a pen in hand rather than a paint brush. In time he discovered himself, quite unexpectedly, fully entrenched in the demanding process of bringing to life a tale that seemed, at times, to be forcing its way out of its own volition.  The Knights of the Dawn King – The Setting of the Sun - , the beginning of this tale, was his attempt to present a world unique in itself but certainly not unrecognizable, endeavoring to retain, in some form, the enchantment and familiarity that many hold dear for those far off realms of myth and legend [the foremost of which must, of course, be Middle-Earth]. Those special lands that countless wanderers have visited and lingered in and have there found something of genuine value which cannot be fully explained, other than to say that when the last pages are closed, a longing for more remains.  More importantly, however, as a devout follower of Jesus Christ, it was Scott’s desire that the tale told within The Knights of the Dawn King would indeed have a far more significant purpose than the simple pleasure of getting lost in a hopefully interesting and entertaining read, but would, on some level, transcend its fictional aspects so as to inspire fellow Christians to greater loyalty, courage, and allegiance to the One in whom they have entrusted their souls, viewing the true ‘King’ with all the worth and honor due his name.  In addition if there is any chance this tale holds the possibility of stirring others who do not know this ‘King’ to contemplate their own place within the authentic story of sin and redemption and the battle between light and darkness found within Holy Scripture, which revolve around and culminate with the preeminent figure of time and eternity: the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ, then Scott’s purposes for this work would have been happily satisfied.